Partnership with St. Petersburg State University

About the University

St. Petersburg State University is the first university in Russia, founded by Emperor Peter I in 1724. The university today is a scientific, educational and cultural center of global importance, invariably included in prestigious international rankings:

• Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings;
• Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings;
• Academic Ranking of World Universities;
• Financial Times Business School Rankings;
• Financial Times European Business School Rankings;
• Three University Missions Ranking (MosIUR)
• Nature Index.

St. Petersburg State University is one of two Russian universities that have a special status, according to which it has the right to create its own educational standards and issue graduates its own diplomas in Russian and English. In addition, the university has the right to defend dissertations for academic degrees according to its own rules and to award its own academic degrees of candidate and doctor of science.


Currently, more than 500 basic and more than 700 additional educational programs are being implemented at St. Petersburg State University.

St. Petersburg University is actively involved in the creation and promotion of accessible and high-quality online education. St Petersburg State University offers more than 300 online courses in various areas of training and specialties, accessible from anywhere in the world.

St. Petersburg State University online courses provide not only the opportunity to communicate with leading scientists of St. Petersburg State University, but also to receive a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge and giving additional points for admission to master’s and postgraduate programs, and advantages for admission to undergraduate programs.

St Petersburg University online courses are winners and prize-winners of various competitions, including the International EdCrunch Award OOC 2020 competition.

University life is varied and eventful. Throughout the year, St Petersburg University hosts numerous guest lectures by politicians and leading experts from around the world, including Nobel Prize laureates. Ample opportunities for entrepreneurship are available to students: the competition for knowledge-intensive business projects Start-Up of St.

Petersburg State University provides the opportunity to receive a grant and develop their own project.

Requirements for the quality of training of students, for the format and content of basic educational programs are determined by a set of educational standards that St. Petersburg State University sets independently. The content of the programs is updated annually in order to improve the quality of the educational process and learning outcomes.

The education received at St. Petersburg State University is highly rated on the international labor market, allowing graduates to build their careers in the largest Russian and international companies.

For foreign citizens who do not speak Russian or have an insufficient level of knowledge of the Russian language, it is possible to study at the preparatory department. Highly qualified and experienced teachers will help you learn the

Russian language and special academic disciplines, and also prepare you for admission to higher educational institutions.

The science

St. Petersburg State University is a research hub of global importance, the activities of which are carried out in dozens of research centers and laboratories, as well as in the Science Park, which has innovative equipment and technological capabilities. Researchers from all over the world can work on the equipment of the unique Scientific Park of St. Petersburg State University, which has no analogues in Russia.

Priority areas for the development of scientific research:
– nanotechnology and materials science;
– biomedicine and human health;
– information systems and technologies;
– ecology and rational use of natural resources;
– social research and technology;
– management personnel and technologies.

St Petersburg University today has more than 50 research centers, institutes and laboratories. The Science Park of St. Petersburg State University houses modern research equipment worth more than 6 billion rubles. The science park includes 24 resource centers and operates on the basis of the principle of general access, which implies the possibility of using it by all interested parties, regardless of whether they are employees or students of St. Petersburg State University, subject to the rules established for all users of the resource centers.

Detailed information, as well as a list of resources and equipment, are published on the St. Petersburg State University website.

St. Petersburg State University actively uses a variety of electronic resources in its scientific activities. One of them is PURE – a centralized system for managing the scientific process and demonstrating the scientific achievements of St. Petersburg State University researchers.

The system provides a single source of all data on the scientific process at the University: it combines publications, scientific projects, reports, collaborations, grants and information about scientists. By integrating internal and external data sources, a complete process of monitoring and informed research decision-making is supported.

Language testing

The Language Testing Center of St. Petersburg State University is one of the leaders in the field of testing foreign citizens.

Tests that can be taken at St. Petersburg State University:

• TRFL—state testing in Russian as a foreign language
• Comprehensive exam – exam in Russian as a foreign language, history of Russia and the fundamentals of legislation of the Russian Federation
• ECL—a line of European certification exams in Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, French, German, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak languages
• TOPIK—exam to determine the level of proficiency in the Korean language
• The Turkish Proficiency Exam—international exam in the Turkish language
• JLPT—international examination to determine the level of Japanese language proficiency
• AMFA – Persian language exam
• HSK and HSKK – international qualifying exam in Chinese language


With the support of the St. Petersburg State University Endowment Fund, the University has been holding a competition of innovative business projects “Start-up St. Petersburg State University” since 2016. Teams of students, and from 2021, schoolchildren, present their own startup ideas based on scientific developments.

Among them:.

• technology to help fight cancer;
• system for diagnosing spinal muscular atrophy;
• course on learning the Russian language without using an intermediary language;
• rapid test for diagnosing Parkinson’s disease using tears;
• 3D printer for printing dentures;
• rapid test for analyzing lead in the human body;
• antibacterial coating for walls;
• batteries for operation in ultra-low Arctic temperatures.

The prize fund is more than 2,500,000 rubles.

100,000 rubles each. are received by the scientific supervisors of the winning teams that took prizes.

Participants of the final teams receive:

• scholarship for three months;
• the opportunity to defend the competition project as a research project;
• undergo training in the additional educational program “Startup School” of St. Petersburg State University;
• receive consulting and legal support for projects.

Two of the teams that took the first three places have the opportunity to receive two grants in the amount of 700,000 and 1,000,000 rubles for the creation of an SIE jointly with St. Petersburg State University.