Navoi FEZ at glance

FEZ “Navoi” offers investors great opportunities for doing business and great competitive advantages for it.

The territory “Navoi” FEZ is564 hectares near the city of Navoi, one of the most industrial cities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and in vicinity of 100-175 km from cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, which  one of the major industrial cities and cultural centers of Uzbekistan.

On the territory of FEZ “Navoi” activates special legal regime operates, including tax, currency and customs regimes, granted extensive tax, customs and other obligatory payments.

In order to create favorable conditions for investors, enterprises of FEZ “Navoi” are fully provided with a high-level infrastructure, such as transport, engineering communications, and occupational safety and comfort systems for labor personnel.

“Navoi” Free Economic Zone is located in close proximity to the international airport, E-40 highway and the international railways, which allows maximizing and effectively use advantages of  multimodal transport and logistics center of Navoi.

Other advantages of doing business in the Free Economic Zone of Navoi:

  • long-term economic and political stability of the republic;
  • a wide range of minerals, including about 100 types of mineral raw materials;
  • availability of energy (gas, electricity, technical and drinking water, sewerage) and human resources;
  • favorable climatic conditions.