General information

Navoi province is located in the central part of Uzbekistan. Area of the province constitutes 110.8 thousand square kilometers or 24.8% of total area of the country. Populationis 864,2 thousand.

The province borders with the Republic of Kazakhstan in the north and with Jizzakh province in the east, with theRepublic of Karakalpakstan in the west, with Samarkand,Bukhara and Kashkadarya provinces in the south.

The province includes following 8 districts: Kanimekh, Kyzyltepa, Navbakhor, Karmana, Nurata, Tamdyn, Uchkuduk, Khatyrcha and following 6 cities: Zarafshan, Karmana, Kyzyltepa, Navoi, Nurata and Uchkuduk; there are also 8 urban-type villages and 53 villages.

The administrative center of the province is Navoi city which was named in honor of the Uzbek poet and philosopher, scientist and statesman Alisher Navoi. City, located in the Zarafshan river valley, was built using a general layout plan in 1960’s.

The territory of the region is 110,0 thousand sq km, (it occupies 24,7% of the territory of Uzbekistan) and rank second place after Republic of Karakalpakstan . The administrative centre of the region is the city of Navoi with the population 132 thousand people and it is situated in the valley of river Zarafshan, 360 km south-west of the city of Tashkent.Navoi situated between the two ancient cities of Uzbekistan: in the west - the city of Bukhara (100 km) in the East - Samarkand (175 km).

The north-western part of the province is occupied with Kyzylkum plateau; Nurata mountainous ridges stretch in the east and the south of the province is fringed with ZarafshanRiver.

The climate of the province is sharply continental and arid; summer is dry and hot, winter is relatively cold and snowless.