Production of building materials

The biggest producer of cement in the republic and one of the leading company in the region is Joint Stock Company "Kyzylkumcement" whose production power comprises 3,08 tonnes of cement a year.

In 1995, the organization started to produce marble and cladding tiles with a capacity of 25000 sq.m. Production lines of "thermoactive mineral supplement" was put into operation in 1998. In 2011, it is planning to renovate the fuctioning power and build the fourth technological line of cement production, that allows to increase the power of the company to 4,08mln tonnes a year.

Furthermore, Open Joint Stock Company "Gazgarmramor", ДП "Каррара мрамор", ООО "Нуратамарбл", ООО "Зафар Гранит" are also operating in the region to produce marbles. They saw and polish marble tiles using Italian Technologies. The warehouse of raw materials is considered multicolored granular Gazgan Marble (near Nurata region) possessing 22 colors and about 200 different shades.