Business proposals

The list of perspective project proposals

proposed for implementation in FIEZ "Navoi" in 2014, 2015

Electronics & Electrotechnics
1 Production of personal computers, including external data input devices (mouse, keyboards, joysticks, etc.)
2 Production of household refrigerators and freezers
3 Production of LCD and LED TVs and monitors
4 Production of washing machines
5 Production of air conditioners
6 Production of vacuum cleaners
7 Production of electrical cords and extension cords
8 Production of low power electric motors
9 Production of printers and photocopying multiplicate technique
10 Production of electric lighting appliances (chandeliers, lamps, torchieres, etc.)
11 Production of various types of fans (wall, floor, ceiling, etc.)
12 Production of electrical circuit breakers
13 Production of compressors for refrigerators
14 Production of acoustic systems for automobiles
15 Production of sound signals
16 Production of automobile safety belts
17 Production of solar panels
18 Production of new kinds of LED lighting products
19 Production of compressors for household appliances
20 Production and assembly of electronic gas meters
21 Production of disposable systems, syringes, intravenous lines, etc.
22 Production of medicines containing vitamins or other compounds
23 Production of vaccines against various types of diseases (influenza, rubella, hepatitis B, etc.)
24 Production of disposable tests (tests for pregnancy, alcohol, drugs, etc.)
25 Production of vials comprising glass for antibiotics of dry packaging
26 Production of medicines containing antibiotics
27 Production of of medicines containing as the main active ingredient
28 Production of medicines containing alkaloids or derivatives thereof but not containing hormones, antibiotics or other compounds
29 Production plasma substituting fluids and blood substitutes
30 Production of medicines containing hormones or other compounds (insulin, corticosteroid hormones, their derivatives and structural analogues, etc.), but not containing antibiotics
31 Production of of medicines containing penicillins or their derivatives with a penicillanic acid structure, or containing streptomycin or their derivatives
32 Production of immune sera and blood fractions of other and modified immunological products, including those obtained by methods of biotechnology
Chemistry and gas chemistry
33 Production of polycrystalline rods and bars
34 Production of Polylen (insulating film)
35 Production of construction coatings for floors, walls and ceilings (plates, sheets, pellicles, and other wares) made of plastic
36 Production of household water filters
37 Production of wares for the transportation and packing goods of plastics (bottles, flacons, boxes, lockers, plugs, caps, spools, reels, etc.)
38 Production of children's toys
39 Production of polimeric thermal insulation materials (expandable polystyrene)
40 Production of various types of machines for shaving razors and blades for them (disposable, reusable, cassettes)
41 Production of plastic wares
42 Production of polymeric insulators
Machine building and instrument making
43 Production equipments for minitechnologies
44 Production of electric instruments (electric drill, hammer, screwdriver, chain and circular saws, etc.)
45 Production pneumospinning machines
46 Production of household sewing, automatic and other machines
47 Production of machines for dyeing cloth and textiles
48 Production of roving machines for preparing textile fibers
49 Production of air compressors
50 Production equipment and spare parts for the oil&fat and food Industry
51 Production of submersible pumps and other pumps
52 Production of photovoltaic power station
Food industry
53 Production of fast preparation meals(semi-ready)
54 Production child nutrition
55 Production of chocolate