Ongoing projects

Name of organization / company 

Project for production


LLC "Camellia Group" 

"Wet blue" style reproduced skin products


LLC “Navoi Milling Group”(Uzbekistan) 

"Organization for production of dry building mixtures, micro calcite and gypsum powder"



"Production of PVC granule, cable and hose"


PC "Aslam Baraka Business" 

"Production of sunflower and soybean oil"


LLC "Gazgan Marble Group" 

"Production of composite stones and architectural objects"


LLC "Sevarabonu" (Russia)

"Production of foam block and wool material"



"production of polyethylene products"
8 JV “NAVOI KOMPOZIT” (Canada) "Production of dry mixtures, products made of artificial stone and concrete boards "
9 LLC "Golden Lift" "Production of elevators"
10 LLC "Zhong Tian" "Production of plywood and chipboards"
11 LLC "Navoi Steklo Lyuks" "Production of liquid glass"
12 LLC  “XINCHENG GREEN ENGINEERING” "steel construction"
13 LLC "ZARAFSHON GOLDEN GROUP" "Production of aerated and steel concrete"
14 LLC FC "UNIVERSALAGRO" "Production of sunflower oil, frying and packing cashew,  almond and pistachio"
15 LLC  "Sharq qurilish servis" "Production of hygiene products"
16 LLC FC "TIANCHENG STONE" "production of granite products"
17 PC "BUNYODKOR NAVOIY"  "production of bath, sink and toilet bowls"
18 LLC  "KARMANA-SHARQONA INVEST" "production of electric meters and electric meters protection tools"
19 LLC FC "NAVOI MOTORS" (Austria) "production of pick up cars, minivans, SUV, electric cars"
20 LLC  FE "SCANGEOCOM" "production of bentonite granules"
21 LLC "GIDROPRIVOD USKUNA TA’MIR SERVIS" "production of PVC panels and corners"
22 LLC JV "EDIFICE AASPIRE" "production of granite slabs"
23 LLC "AGRO-MILTECH" "prodction of flour enriched with vitamins"
24 LLC "TRIUMF VIP" "production of vermiculite plates and pots"
25 LLC FE "GAZDEVICE" "production of gas meters"
26 LLC "PARADISE GARDEN" "production of grape mash "
27 LLC "ZARAFSHON INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY" "production of H acid and paint"
28 LLC FE "MINOAS" (Greece)  "production of cheese and milk processing"
29 LLC "CHEMICAL INDUSTRY" "production of ammonium sulfate and phospate fertilizers"